Close Protection

At Universal Gurkha Security Services (UGSS) we understand how important close protection is. Wealthy individuals and people in the spotlight are at risk of harassment, assault, and even kidnap. There can be threats when you are at home, out in public, and also when travelling to potentially dangerous destinations. Fortunately, with the right security service you can have peace of mind.

UGSS work very hard to provide first rate protection for individuals and groups. We can arrange the perfect service and put your safety in the hands of licensed, highly trained security guards. Every guard on our team will prioritise the wellbeing of the clients and address any risks.

Bespoke Close Protection

Close ProtectionOur services are reliable because we tailor them to each specific job and scenario. We begin by consulting with you to get an idea of the kind of service you need. For example you may want security to be close by while you are out in public or travelling abroad. Other clients want a guard at home to protect your family. We can cater for any requirements and offer personal protection for all scenarios.

While creating a service we do a risk assessment to get a better idea of what your security team may need to deal with. As a result we can hand-pick the right people for the job. This gives you the confidence you have security with the necessary training and experience.

We are proud to support you for as long as you need us to. If you only need guards for a short trip away or to tackle a specific threat, we can help. Alternatively, we can arrange long term, ongoing services for you.

Reliable Security

As we said above, the guards on our team have a licence and the best training. They also have all the qualities you expect from a professional security officer. This includes being physically fit, able to react quickly, and competent at reading a situation as it develops. The guards are also friendly and will help each client where they can.

If you need to arrange close protection, contact us for advice and a quote. You can call us directly or complete our contact form. Our prices are excellent and we set the highest standards for our guards.