Care-taking empty commercial and domestic properties

Leaving a property without occupants can increase the risk of burglary, vandalism, and other issues. However, Universal Gurkha Security Services (UGSS) can offer a solution. We are a professional company able to handle care-taking empty commercial and domestic properties. Our aim is to give each client the peace of mind they deserve.

The Right Security

care-taking empty commercial and domestic propertiesAll UGSS security guards are licensed, vetted and highly trained. As a result you have a guard you can truly rely on. More importantly, we work hard to hand-pick the right person for each job. The goal is to choose someone who has experience with your type of property. Therefore, you have a guard who knows what to expect and how to act.

A Flexible Service

While securing the property and deterring criminal activity is their main goal, our team can do much more. If you choose our care-taking security services the guard can take care of many different tasks. For example they can take out the rubbish, feed animals, and water plants. This means properties remain in the best condition and ensures you don’t need to risk someone else coming in to do the tasks.

Clear Instructions

Every guard on our team is a professional with lots of experience. We also ensure they have exact instructions if there is an issue. So, say there is power cut or they smell gas, the guards know exactly who to contact. This can speed up the response time and ensure issues don’t get worse.


To add even more peace of mind, we expect security guards to check-in regularly. Our control room is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Every guard must report in frequently so we know everything is in order. If they fail to call on schedule, an operator will take action.

We also have mobile patrol inspectors operating all across the UK. It is their job to support guards and help to resolve any issues. If they get a report of a problem they will attend the property as quickly as possible.

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