Cruise Ship Security Officer

There are a number of potential security risks on cruise ships. For example there may be stowaways or suspicious luggage. There may even be issues with sticking to safety regulations. However, you can address these problems by appointing a professional cruise ship security officer. Universal Gurkha Security Services (UGSS) can find the perfect person to fill this role.

Why Work With UGSS?

cruise ship security officerOur goal is to deliver the most reliable services every time. To accomplish this, we begin by consulting with you to get a better idea of the scenario. For example we look at things like the route, ports of call, the crew, passengers, and safety requirements. Once we know as much as we can about the job, we can select a security officer for you.

Every member of our team is a licensed professional with the best training. The security officers all have a background in the military or police so they know how to act in each situation.

Cruise Ship Security Officer Role

While on the ship the security officer will be responsible for a number of things. Firstly they will ensure the ship is in order and there are no issues with luggage, crew or passengers. In addition they will monitor CCTV, patrol the vessel, and investigate any problems such as safety breaches. If there is anything else that could affect security or the safety of the people onboard, the officer will look into it.

One of the main reasons to work with us is how quickly our personnel can react to an issue. If there is a problem, the security officer can respond to minimise the risk. They know exactly what to do in each scenario.

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Whether it is a short trip or a long cruise, having a security officer onboard can provide lots of benefits. If you work with UGSS we give you the assurance you will work with an expert security officer. We have an excellent reputation and set very high standards to maximise safety.

It is really easy to get a quote for a service; simply complete our quote form or call us. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.