Security Guarding

Universal Gurkha Security Services (UGSS) is the perfect company to protect your business. We take security guarding very seriously, ensuring that every premises is safe and secure. Each service we offer is bespoke to address the risks and minimise them. We will review the entire site and take care of any special requirements.


Security GuardingThe first thing that people notice about our security guards is how professional they are. We only hire true experts. For starters each guard has an SIA licence. As a result they work to a strict code of practice and have the best training. We also give each guard induction training when they arrive on site.

Another reason to work with us is our extensive experience. We have been in operation since 2009 and have had the pleasure to work in various sectors. In particular, we have a lot of knowledge of security guarding in retail and corporate industries. We can protect vacant or occupied buildings, ensuring a great service from start to finish.

Each security guard on our team will focus on keeping your premises and the inhabitants safe. However, they will also be a friendly and approachable part of your front house staff. This means they will leave a great impression on everybody they meet. Expect neat uniforms and guards who really care about doing a good job.

Regular Check-ins

At UGSS we appreciate that clients want regular updates about their security. As a result it is our policy that guards make regular calls to the control centre. The lines are manned 24/7 to ensure each guard can call and give their report. This also means we have support personnel in place to respond quickly if a guard fails to check-in. Therefore, we ensure a faster response to a problem.

Arrange Reliable Security Guarding

If you work with us we will appoint an operations manager specifically to your job. It is their job to select the right guards, ensuring they are vetted and trustworthy.

We make it very easy to arrange services. Simply call us to speak to a member of our team or use our contact form. If you would like a quote we are happy to supply them.